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Car garage near me or Fix my car? What to do when it comes to searching for a garage and getting your car repaired in the UAE.

“Be patient and read the whole article, and you may save yourself time and money”.


Getting your car repaired is one of the most daunting process here in the UAE. Time consuming and most of the time costs more than what you would expect. As a common consumer, we all have been here before and the situation repeats it self as long as you have a car which requires constant repairs.

Some of you might already have a trusted garage, where you take your car for repairs and that makes you a very lucky person. Most of the consumers in the UAE have to rely on GOOGLE SEARCH to find a garage. But the fact will always remain the same “Which garage is right for me”?


If you type “Car garage near me or Fix my car”, you will get garages that are offering various services. I normally don’t go by this method because the question will always remain the same, “Are they the right garage for me”? Directly selecting a garage from google search without doing any additional research might just costs you extra.

What the car garages do once you take your car there is that They will inspect check your car and tell you what needs to be done, some will tell you exactly what needs to be done and others will have profits in mind and will try to get you to pay as much as possible for the repairs or unnecessary replacements.


If you don’t know what needs to be replaced or repaired, then you would need to do a little bit of work online and on the phone. Here we shall look at the best way to go about getting your car fixed at the least amount of time and money.

Things to do in order to get your car fixed at a decent price.

  • Call the service/part center (agency) for the brand of your car.
  • Get the part number
  • Then search for part suppliers online in the UAE first and get the prices for that part (call at least 2- or 3-part suppliers).
  • Search international companies that sell parts and ship globally. (90% of the international suppliers have a way better price then local one).
  • Now go with the supplier that offers the part cheaper and with warranty or with return option if any defects. Be sure that you have the right part number. I am 100% sure you will go with an international supplier.
  • Now you have the part, second thing to do is to call around 3 or 4 garages and ask them for an installation price. Go with the one that is most cost effective.

(My example when I needed a part)

  • Called locally for CV joint replacement part and got prices from one local parts supplier to be 2,200 aed. Called a second one and they gave me for the same part 3,000 aed.
  • Called international supplier and got the same part shipped for 1,000 aed).
  • Got it installed for 400 aed after calling around a few garages.


Buy the part yourself and have it installed by paying only the installation charges. If you allow all of this to be done by the garage, they will add margins to the parts and also labour and who knows what stories they will tell you in order to make the most money from you. They are trained, and as soon as you take your car to them and start the conversation about what is wrong with the car. They can detect if you know what you are talking about, and if they sense that you DON’T, then guess what, you are in for a very ride that will cost you money and time.

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