Step # 1 

Read the description of the listed 3 Options (Bottom of this page)

Step # 2

Fill in the form with your car details ( make, model & year ) along with brief description of the options ( full option, mid range or basic )

Step # 3

Send the form by clicking on the submit button


Step # 1

I will reply to you via email with the following

OPTION # 1 (Asking price and selling price)

OPTION # 2 (Listing price and selling price)

OPTION # 3 ( i will help you get a price right away from dealers/showrooms/ freelance buyers)

Note: For option 1 & 2, you can proceed directly with the buyers as i don’t need to be there, and as for option #3, if you select this option and are ok with the price that i have sent to you via email for IMMEDIATE CASH then i will contact you directly and help you sell your car right away. I Will guide you through the entire process. 



OPTION # 1(Sell to someone you know) This option is not used by UAE residents very often but it is by far the most profitable one. If you have a friend, colleague or a family member who is interested in your car then try to sell it to them first as they will give you the most for your car out of the other 2 options below. 

OPTION # 2 – (Sell Online) This is the most popular option out of all the 3. Also this option is most cumbersome, as you will have to post it online, pay a posting fee (normally 200 aed as per Dubizzle), After posting your car online, you will start to get calls, you will have to decide which offer to accept and when. You might get good offers but decided to wait out for better ones, as per my experience, most people miss out on good offer by doing just that WAITING for good ones. If your car does not sell in the first 2 weeks then its better to reduce the price. By this time you have heard offers and can determine which price the car will sell at. But then again, will you get those offer again???.

Say you DID get offers on the phone and you invited the buyers to come see the car. You have to make the time to show the car to one, two or more people, all at different times. This process is hectic but it has its own rewards if you are lucky. Here you will see that the buyer wants to negotiate and bargain, you need to decide how much you are willing to let go off in order to close the deal. Once agreed, you will need to go with the buyer to RTA to transfer the car, that alone will take about an hour. You see even though the process of Option #2 is lengthy it has its ups and downs.

OPTION # 3 – (Sell My Car Now) This option is by far the fastest and the easiest way to sell your car in the UAE. Even though the price may be less then options 1 & 2, but to most people it’s worth it.

I will help you with this option. Once you fill out the contact form with your car details and send it to me, then I WILL GIVE YOU PRICE FOR ALL THREE OPTIONS. And in particular to options number 3,  i will handle it for you by getting you the best price in the market. Once you agree i will go with you to the buyers site and help you through the process.

You can find the form on the home page…Fill it out and make selling your car easy as it can be.